De Finibus is an exploration of evolving frontend technologies. It’s written and designed by Nicholas Husher. The site is built in Jekyll—you can find the source code on github, and you can subscribe to atom xml feed if you’re into that kind of thing.

The name De Finibus refers to a collection of works by the Roman orator Cicero, titled De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum, or “Regarding the Ends of Good and Evil,” commonly shortened to De Finibus. The books are a survey of the philosophical landscape in the late Roman Republic and was largely focused on how one lives a good and meaningful life.

Nicholas Husher is a code wicche living in Boston. He works for a company called Faraday, which is a pretty cool startup that is building a tool for machine learning-based marketing. Previously he worked for Lola Travel Company, Pwnie Express, and You can find him on twitter, github, &c.

The body of this site is typeset in Merriweather and the headings are in Lato. Both are available for free from Google Webfonts.